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Wellness Transformation Membership

The only Health and Wellness resource you'' ever need to help you achieve your optimal health levels.

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Here's Why Dr. Bruna's Membership Is Right For You.

The is a private and exclusive membership. If you believe in the power of the body to heal itself, this is for you. This site was created for one specific purpose. To give you all your holistic health care needs in one spot.

Online Sessions Are Available Currently

You are going to be working with me once a month via Zoom.

Direct Contact 

That means you'll have direct access to all her knowledge at your fingertips. You'll be given a non shareable Emergency Contact Number via her email.

Group Coaching

As one of her elite members, you'll have access to her private Facebook group and membership site with all her secret tips, strategies and techniques.

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Some Of The Amazing Benefits You Are About To Receive

Why Stress Out Over All The Medical Tests?

Many people go to they physician, get a short consult and are put into the system with lots and lots of tests, only to be put on hold for a week or so, while the tests determine whether or not you receive any further testing or medications. Most of the time it's all about testing, not about finding the root cause of the problem.

Better night's sleep

One of the many things that people fail to address when they're talking to their physician is sleep. How many times during a week can you fall into a deep sleep and wake up refreshed and energized. IF this doesn't happen on a consistent basis, you have a health issue that you're probably not addressing. Again, we need to find out why you're not able to put your body into RECHARGE MODE by sleeping a minimum of 6 hours per night. 

Mindset Tips and Ticks

Reduce stress and anxiety. There are only two things that run your body. Your brain and nerves and your hormonal system. If you want to reduce your stress and anxiety, this program and membership is for you. 

Energy Healing

If you have open heart, open mind, you can experience something you've never experienced before. Energy healing is amazing if you understand in a nutshell how it works. Let's cut to the chase. If you can balance your frequencies you're going to create harmony within your body. 

Weight Loss Secrets

Unfortunately, most people are always on a DIET. They pay out lots of money to get dismal results. If you want to learn how to discover, have and maintain your healthy body weight, become a member of Dr. B's membership today.

Big Supplement Discounts

As an exclusive member, you get special supplement discounts on my proprietary whole food supplements that are not available to the general public.

Attention: Pricing Will Increase Soon, Please Invest Now!