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Canada's Most Trusted Integrative Healing Doctor You’ll Ever Need.

Learn the hidden secrets to taking care of yourself and your family naturally, and holistically without having to use drugs or surgery.

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Why Choose Dr. Brunilda?

She takes a natural approach that very few doctors are willing to take.

34 Years Experience

She's a doctor that has one goal in mind. To help as many people as possible with their health concerns from their teeth to their total well being with proprietary methods, supplements, treatments and processes that have already been proven to work by hundreds of her loyal patients.  

She Listens To You

Dr. Brunilda is a unique doctor because she is a type of doctor that is caring and empathetic towards each and every one of her patients. She never rushes anyone, and she will always take the time to listen closely to your needs, desires and history so she can meet your expectations whenever possible concerning your health care needs, future care and needed supplementations. 

Unique, Proprietary Techniques

She deeply cares about serving her patients and therefore she uses a vast array of natural holistic healing methods that are time tested and proven to work. Some are new. Some are ancient but time tested to work without any side effects.

Remote Testing

This is a very unique service that she provides because so many people are requesting her help. During the last two years she has tested the ability to remotely analyze her patient's body in detail in order to help them as quickly as possible. Her goal is to determine the root cause. of your health concerns and not just try and treat your symptoms.

Body & Mind Connection

This makes her stand out from the crowd. She understands the body and she makes an important connection. That connection is one that can help make that all important body and mind connection throughout your body so your brain is communicating at the highest levels with every cell, tissue and organ in your body. Once you have this connection your body has the ability to heal itself without any drugs or surgery which mask the symptoms.

Authentic and 100% Transparent 

Dr. Brunilda is like a Mother Teresa type of doctor. She cares about people and she knows that listening to them is the #1 concern she has to deal with. She does that well and anyone working with her will see her passion and purpose to help the masses. One thing about her is she will not sell you anything that won't help you get the results you want, need and desire.

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As a dentist, holistic integrated healer and hygienist, I want to help guide your success through my 34 years of experience working with people with health issues just like you.



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dr brunilda

Dr. Brunilda (Bruna) Mucaj

I was born and raised in a small town in Albania, where I studied dentistry at the University of Tirana-graduating as a dentist in 1987. For a few years I served in the government-mandated public health service in rural areas of the country.

As a female serving my country I come from a background of age-old natural, herbal, traditional healing modalities, and in 1995 I opened my own private clinic where I practiced whole body dentistry for 10 years.  

In 2005 my husband and I moved with our 2 daughters to Toronto in order to give everyone in the family an opportunity for a Western education.  

My studies in Canada began with me learning the language. Then I enrolled in Dental Hygiene, graduating as a Registered Dental Hygienist which took me a few years. 

While working in my clinic I furthered my education at George Brown College – and then graduated as a Registered Restorative Dental Hygienist (RRDH) in 2012. 

I found that the more I practiced, the more I learned what effect I could have on people's lives and health while helping my patient's achieve beautiful radiant smiles.

I have continued my passion for learning, and in 2019 I achieved certification as a Doctor of Integrative Medicine and Doctor of Humanitarian Services from the Board of Integrative Medicine (www.boim.org).


Now I continue my studies in the field of Homeopathy, Energy Medicine and Nutrition to be better able to serve my patients' and clients' health needs at the highest level. 

University of tiranageorge brown collageIMD

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